OCCI was presented to the Cloud Application Management for Platforms (CAMP) group today. CAMP is a standard coming out of the OASIS group to define an interface to Platform as a Service offerings.

Here’s the presentation given.

2 thoughts on “OCCI & CAMP”

  1. Hi,

    Here (slide 8) you are talking about OCCI as OOCI’s Infrastructure extension. But CAMP model can be also seen has an OCCI’s PaaS Extension isn’t it?
    Therefore it could be interesting to migrate current CAMP HTTP rendering to OCCI one.

    Is there any working group on that topic?

    Best regards,

    Florian CHAZAL

  2. You are quite correct Florian! Currently however there is no group activity on rendering CAMP using the OCCI HTTP rendering. It would be great if you were keen to spend sometime on this! 🙂

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