OGF42 Updates from the Group

Posted September 15th, 2014 in News by admin

The OCCI working group has been quite busy in the past months to work on new revision of the OCCI specs. This has lead to contributions from multiple individuals at the OGF 42 event in London, which was held at the Imperial College. Four sessions in total and with plenty of coffee in between guided the attendees through no less then 9 PDF document drafts which were discussed. Alongside this there were a number of demos.

With this blog post we like to inform you that the upcoming revision of the OCCI specs will be a backward compatible update adding some features to the specification. Some of these will be:

  • Updates to the core model specification for readability alongside with the introduction of the OCCI Attribute type which now allows for types and default values of attributes
  • A split of the current HTTP text rendering document into a HTTP Protocol and a Text Rendering document. Also Sub-resources within the HTTP protocol will be introduced
  • Updates of the infrastructure specification document which update state models for the resource instances
  • JSON Rendering specification which can be used alongside with the Text Rendering
  • PaaS specification which allows for management of PaaS cloud resource
  • SLA extension for handling SLA of your cloud resources
  • DRMAA binding which will allow job job submission via a RESTful OCCI compliant interface
  • Drafts on Monitoring and Billing extensions for OCCI.
  • Minor additions of useful features in any of the above specifications

We as a group are thrilled about the ongoings and wild usage of OCCI and hope these changes will make your work with OCCI more satisfying. Again thanks to the individuals in the community which made this round of revision possible.

OCCI OpenStack Now On Stackforge

Posted June 6th, 2013 in News by admin

Stackforge is the place where all OpenStack related projects can find a common home. The OpenStack OCCI implementation has now moved to stackforge infrastructure and can now be found here.

OCCI Presented at the Future Internet Assembly

Posted May 10th, 2013 in News by admin

The ICCLab presented on the latest developments (PDF) in the Open Cloud Computing Interface at the Future Internet Assembly in Dublin. The session was organised by Cloud4SOA and the main theme was MultiCloud. In this regard, OCCI figures in many projects striving from this including EGI FedCloud, CompatibleOne and BonFire. In the presentation some future points of work that will be carried out in Mobile Cloud Networking, which took the audience’s interest.

Kindly reposted from the ICCLab

Interoperability & Standards Survey

Posted April 26th, 2013 in News by admin

If you are involved in the world of cloud standards, could you take 5 minutes of your time to fill-in the implementation survey and help prepare the Cloud Plugfest & Demos that will happen at the Cloud Interoperability Week.

Cloud Standards, Interoperability and Testing Workshop

Posted April 26th, 2013 in News by admin

The aim of this workshop, held at Cloud Interoperability Week, is to set out some short and medium term objectives towards the long-term goal of interoperable cloud solutions. The event will bring together the diverse communities that will need to co-operate to understand how best to standardise different approaches.

Presentations will focus on (but are not limited to):

  • Applications of standards in industry and in open-source projects
  • Provenance and availability of cloud standards
  • Practical use of cloud standards and frameworks
  • Importance of interoperability
  • Interworking between standards and popular framework solutions
  • Tools for conformance and performance testing
  • Future trends and priorities

To submit a proposal, please fill in the presentation submission form.

Cloud Interoperability Week

Posted April 26th, 2013 in News by admin

ETSI, OCEAN Project, OGF, OW2 and SNIA invite you to their first joint Cloud Interoperability Week, 18th – 20 Sept, co-hosted with the EGI and SDC conferences.

If you want to have your say fill in the Cloud Standards Implementation Survey.

The event will provide an insight into the current state of Cloud Standards implementations and use cases. It continues the series of Cloud Plugfests aimed at promoting interoperability efforts on cloud standards-based software, services, frameworks, products and projects and will be combined with a workshop and demonstrations.

The Cloud Interoperability Week will be co-located with the EGI Technical Forum and OGF39 at the Hotel Melia Castilla, in Madrid, Spain, 18th – 20 September. Registration is free and will be open shortly to public and private companies involved in cloud solutions based on recognised standards.

For further notifications you can subscribe here.


Posted January 25th, 2013 in News by admin

OCCI was presented to the Cloud Application Management for Platforms (CAMP) group today. CAMP is a standard coming out of the OASIS group to define an interface to Platform as a Service offerings.

Here’s the presentation given.

Easily Installing OCCI on OpenStack

Posted October 3rd, 2012 in News by admin

For many deployers of infrastructure as a service one very topical infrastructure management framework is OpenStack. Typically deployments of OpenStack are rather complicated and when the number of nodes running OpenStack is large then configuration management toolkits are essential. Such toolkits include the likes of Chef and Puppet. Recently folks over at the ICCLab at Zurich University for Applied Sciences have made changes and issued a github pull request against PuppetLabs puppet OpenStack installer (a set of modules and manifests). With this contribution any organisation with a substantial OpenStack deployment, whose configuration is managed by puppet, can easily offer a standardised, interoperable (as demonstrated by FedCloud) interface. The work leverages the existing OpenStack OCCI implementation that is contributed by FI-ware. Further details on how to use the manifest can be found here.

Gartner’s Recommendation: Use 3rd-party Cloud APIs…

Posted September 30th, 2012 in News by admin

An interesting article (by @cloudpundit) from Gartner: Don’t Let OpenStack Hype Distort Your Selection of a Cloud Management Platform in 2012. The recommendations are not specific for OpenStack. The following table form the exact same article gives a nice impression of Garnter’s recommendations:

(Source: http://imagesrv.gartner.com/reprints/238300/238322/238322_1.gif)

The second recommendation is probably most interesting: ‘Use a 3rd party cloud API library […]’ – Why not even go for an Open Community Standard Driven Cloud API? OCCI for OpenStack is the answer and an implementation deployed on the EGI FedCloud.

OCCI Enables pan-European Cloud Interoperability

Posted September 29th, 2012 in News by admin

At the EGI Technical Forum in Prague, the FedCloud task force presented their progress on bringing various standards together in order to compose a federated cloud within Europe. The presentation ended with an impressive live demonstration of that very work.


During the presentation eight different sites participated offering a set of standardised interfaces. Upon those sites cloud resources were allocated on very different infrastructure management frameworks but unified through the OCCI API. In one part of the demonstration 5 virtual machines were provisioned simultaneously, using OCCI, in Cyprus, Germany (2), Sweden and the Czech Republic. This was followed by a similar demonstration of provisioning storage and accessing that storage using CDMI through the same cloud resource providers.