OCCI Core & Models and Infrastructure documents released

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Dear OGF Board and WG participants:

We would like to inform you that the Open Cloud Computing Interface Core & Models and Infrastructure specification documents, GFD.183 and GFD.184, were published today as OGF Proposed Recommendations and are now available for downloading on the http://ogf.org/documents site.

We are very proud of all of the accomplishments of all OGF work groups and of the entire OGF document series. Thank you for all of your work, regardless of the work group or area in which you are making contributions.

OCCI represents the work of a dedicated set of participants that deserves highlighting, however, and that opens up a significant set of opportunities for new work in OGF in the area of cloud computing. Here for your information is some of the text that we have been using in announcing the release of the first two documents in the series. The next document covering the HTTP rendering just completed its public comment period and should be completed and ready for publication shortly.

OCCI is a general-purpose set of specifications for cloud-based interactions with resources in a way that is explicitly vendor-independent, platform-neutral and can be extended to solve a broad variety of problems in cloud computing. The OCCI specification set is a product of the Open Grid Forum. OGF is a leading development organization for open standards in the area of distributed networking, computing and storage with an emphasis on technologies for large-scale distributed computing. OGF develops its standards through an open process that gathers input and contributions from the community and refines them through peer review and public comment to produce standards, guidance and information of value to the community through the Grid Final Document (GFD) series.

We are very proud of OCCI and think that it provides an important and timely set of contributions to cloud computing technology that is already gathering great interest and rapid evidence of adoption by a broad range of participants in the cloud computing community.

Congratulations to the OCCI working group and its participants. More information can be found on the OGF and OCCI working group sites at http://ogf.org and http://occi-wg.orgrespectively. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Alan Sill
VP of Standards
Open Grid Forum

Source.: http://www.ogf.org/pipermail/wg-all/2011-April/000313.html

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