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A number of the OCCI working group visited Boulder Colorado for the DMTF Alliance Partner Technical Symposium (APTS), which was co-located with ISO’s SC38 SGCC Open Meeting/Cloud Summit . The main goal of the conference was to exchange information between DMTF alliance partners. The OCCI group used this event to inform DMTF and SNIA of our progress. Namely the possible interactions with the other developing specifications, with a focus on detailed discussions on SNIA’s CDMI and DMTF’s OVF.

OCCI folks attended and presented at the ISO SC38 SGCC Cloud Summit. At this summit many SDOs with interests and activities in the cloud computing area presented. Those presentations and the OCCI presentation can be found on the DMTF APTS website. In addition, David Moolenaar (from R2AD) demonstrated an Android implementation of the OCCI specification (the only demoed implementation) during this session.

The OCCI working group started the development of an informational white paper on the integration of CDMI, OVF and OCCI. The document can be seen as one (and maybe a first step) for close collaboration of the OCCI working groups with other standards in the cloud space.

Please stay tuned for an update on the Whitepaper.

Update: The whitepaper has now been published here.

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    Where the whitepaper can be downloaded (URL), please? Thanks! Fermín

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