OCCI and OpenStack

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OpenStack is one of the major players in the cloud community at the moment. Still it currently lacks an standardized Interface which can be used to manage VMs. This changes now! During the Cloud Plugfest OCCI has been demoed on top of OpenStack.

The blueprint (details on wiki) for this feature enhancement has been around a while now. And based on this blueprint a first implementation has been created.

Andy Edmonds presented the following slides during the Cloud Plugfest in Düsseldorf which highlight more details of the OCCI interface for OpenStack

As noted this work has partly been sponsored by dgsi and FI-WARE. Now on to interoperability testing and looking into getting other Standards like CDMI on top of OpenStack.

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  1. Alexander Papaspyrou says:

    Nay nay nay.

    You should have used dyso (http://doyouspeakocci.appspot.com) to validate the compliance, shouldn’t you?


  2. Andy Edmonds says:

    Once I have a public node available and DYSO supports accepting certain HTTP headers (nudge, nudge, 😉 😉 ) then compliance will be ensured by DYSO 🙂

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