Easily Installing OCCI on OpenStack

Posted October 3rd, 2012 in News by admin

For many deployers of infrastructure as a service one very topical infrastructure management framework is OpenStack. Typically deployments of OpenStack are rather complicated and when the number of nodes running OpenStack is large then configuration management toolkits are essential. Such toolkits include the likes of Chef and Puppet. Recently folks over at the ICCLab at Zurich University for Applied Sciences have made changes and issued a github pull request against PuppetLabs puppet OpenStack installer (a set of modules and manifests). With this contribution any organisation with a substantial OpenStack deployment, whose configuration is managed by puppet, can easily offer a standardised, interoperable (as demonstrated by FedCloud) interface. The work leverages the existing OpenStack OCCI implementation that is contributed by FI-ware. Further details on how to use the manifest can be found here.