OGF42 Updates from the Group

Posted September 15th, 2014 in News by admin

The OCCI working group has been quite busy in the past months to work on new revision of the OCCI specs. This has lead to contributions from multiple individuals at the OGF 42 event in London, which was held at the Imperial College. Four sessions in total and with plenty of coffee in between guided the attendees through no less then 9 PDF document drafts which were discussed. Alongside this there were a number of demos.

With this blog post we like to inform you that the upcoming revision of the OCCI specs will be a backward compatible update adding some features to the specification. Some of these will be:

  • Updates to the core model specification for readability alongside with the introduction of the OCCI Attribute type which now allows for types and default values of attributes
  • A split of the current HTTP text rendering document into a HTTP Protocol and a Text Rendering document. Also Sub-resources within the HTTP protocol will be introduced
  • Updates of the infrastructure specification document which update state models for the resource instances
  • JSON Rendering specification which can be used alongside with the Text Rendering
  • PaaS specification which allows for management of PaaS cloud resource
  • SLA extension for handling SLA of your cloud resources
  • DRMAA binding which will allow job job submission via a RESTful OCCI compliant interface
  • Drafts on Monitoring and Billing extensions for OCCI.
  • Minor additions of useful features in any of the above specifications

We as a group are thrilled about the ongoings and wild usage of OCCI and hope these changes will make your work with OCCI more satisfying. Again thanks to the individuals in the community which made this round of revision possible.