OCCI visualization

Posted March 18th, 2016 in Implementations by admin


This is a general purpose visualization tool for OCCI Entity instances. OCCI Resource entities are visualized as points on a round wheel, while the Link entities connecting the Resources are depicted as colorful lines between them. For more info see: https://github.com/IntelLabsEurope/OCCIViz

ooi: OpenStack OCCI Interface

Posted March 18th, 2016 in Implementations by admin


The EU funded projects EGI-Engage and INDIGO-Datacloud have come up with an OCCI interface leveraging the public OpenStack APIs: ooi

OCCI 1.2

Posted March 17th, 2016 in News by admin

We are very happy to announce, that thanks to a lot of help from the community, the documents which will become OCCI rev 1.2 are ready:

  • Our core document has been update with minor tweaks. [pdf]
  • We’ve update the Text rendering document – propose however that this will be deprecated over time. [pdf]
  • As a substitute to the Text rendering we now suggest using JSON. [pdf]
  • To allow for the deprecation of the Text rendering, and addition of the JSON rendering we’ve moved the generic protocols pieces to this new recommendation. [pdf]
  • We’ve captured some minor tweaks in the Infrastructure document. [pdf]
  • A new addition is the support for machine readable SLA. [pdf]
  • Furthermore OCCI now also support PaaS/CaaS. [pdf]
  • We’re very happy to announce a profile for OCCI. [pdf]

The OCCI revision 1.1 documents can still be found on the Specification page.