The current specification consists of numerous documents. This document series are fully backward compatible to the previous revisions. Future releases of OCCI may include additional rendering and extension specifications. The documents of the current OCCI specification suite are:

The previous specification consisted of three documents:

  • GFD.183 – OCCI Core (v1.1) describes the formal definition of the OCCI Core Model. The  specification’s version is 1.1.
  • GFD.184 – OCCI Infrastructure (v1.1) contains the definition of the OCCI Infrastructure extension for the IaaS domain. The document defines additional resource types, their attributes and the actions that can be taken on each resource type. The  specification’s version is 1.1.
  • GFD.185 – OCCI HTTP Rendering (v1.1) defines how to interact with the OCCI Core Model using the RESTful OCCI API. The document defines how the OCCI Core Model can be communicated and thus serialised using the HTTP protocol. The specification’s version is 1.1.

Specification parts currently in progress