OCCI & FIware

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The FIware project is aiming to provide a services platform for the Future Internet upon which multiple usage area projects can build. FIware project is providing an OCCI compliant API on top of OpenStack. This work also uses the pyssf OCCI library. OCCI is used within FIware as an interoperability provider at the resource management layer. It provides a single well defined interface into the underlying infrastructure management framework. The resources that are managed at this layer include Compute, Storage and Networking and there are various extensions to the OCCI specifications to enable differentiating features.



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pyOCNI (Python Open Cloud Networking Interface) is a Python implementation of an extended OCCI with a JSON serialization and a cloud networking extension. pyOCNI is developped by Institut Télécom and supported by CompatibleOne Project (a French FUI 10 project) and the European project SAIL (IST 7th Framework Programme Integrated Project).


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For more information on R2AD‘s OCCI/CDMI client visit: http://www.r2ad.com/cloudclient.html


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RESERVOIR (Resources and Services Virtualization without Barriers) is a European Union FP7 project that has enabled massive scale deployment and management of complex IT services across different administrative domains, IT platforms and geographies. OCCI is used in RESERVOIR in order to enable the interoperation of it and SLA@SOI. The details of this integration can be found here.

OCCI in Morfeo Claudia

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The Morfeo Claudia Platform is an advanced Service Management toolkit that allows Service Providers to dynamically control the Service provisioning and scalability in an IaaS Cloud. A Java implementation of OCCI is available from the Claudia Project.

OCCI in BigGrid

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The BigGrid project uses OCCI as one of their interfaces to allow the provisioning of virtual machines on their infrastructure.


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The EMOTIVE middleware allows executing tasks and providing virtualized environments to the users with Xen, KVM or VirtualBox hypervisor. EMOTIVE is a project run out of the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre and uses OCCI as a means to achieve interoperability with provisioning systems.


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The Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) have implemented OGF’s OCCI API as the interface of their application (WNoDoes), due to its open and slim nature. It is a —Java Enterprise application built with industry leader technologies such as Spring, Hibernate, JPA, Restlet, Jetty, Maven. WNoDoes is installed at two sites of INFN (INFN CNAF and INFN Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro).

OCCI in jclouds

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jclouds is an open source library that helps you get started in the cloud and reuse your java development skills. A jclouds OCCI client is currently in development by SLA@SOI and will be contributed to the jclouds project. It will use the OCCI ANTLR grammar definitions.

OCCI in LibVirt

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“As a research institute with a long legacy in research and development on Distributed Computing Infrastructures, we take the opportunity to provide the academic community with an implementation of OCCI ontop of libvirt.” — Alexander Papaspyrou (@papaspyrou), Distributed Computing Virtual Laboratory at the Robotics Research Institute.