Cloud Computing Interface: Open Community Leading Cloud Standards

OCCI began in March 2009 and was initially lead by co-chairs from the once SUN Microsystems, RabbitMQ and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Today, the working group has a membership of over 250 members and includes numerous individuals, industry and academic parties. Some of these members that have contributed include:

  • Industry: Rackspace, Oracle, Platform Computing, GoGrid, Cisco, Flexiscale, ElasticHosts, CloudCentral, RabbitMQ, CohesiveFT, CloudCentral.
  • Academia & Research: SLA@SOI, RESERVOIR, Claudia Project, OpenStack, OpenNebula, DGSI.

The reasons driving the development of OCCI are:

  • Interoperability – Allow for different Cloud providers to work together without data schema/format translation, fa├žade/proxying between APIs and understanding and/or dependency on multiple APIs
  • Portability – No technical/vendor lock-in and enable services to move between providers allows clients easily switch between providers based on business objectives (e.g. cost) with minimal technical cost and enables and fosters competition.
  • Integration – Implementations of the specification can be easily be integrated with existing middleware, 3rd-party software and other applications.
  • Innovation – Driving modern technologies.